5 things I love (December)


Looking at my five things, it’s so obvious I’m still in the holiday spirit this week. Long live Christmas! 1. Rich foods I’m doing my best to eat in moderation…but boy oh boy, have I been eating spectacularly delicious food this week. Homemade everything, from cheese cake to caramel corn to pie to cookies. On […]

Happy holidays from Rosy Blu!

Merry Christmas!

FYI, the cat in the snapshot above is dressed in a reindeer costume.You can’t see the antlers very well, because he doesn’t hold his head still for pictures, but trust me, they’re there. (Item to note: I also have Santa and elf costumes for the cats. Weird? Maybe. But it never fails to bring joy […]


What's for dinner? If you don't know the answer, you might need this.