5 things I love (July)

Prairie Moon

1. Warm weather comforts I’m talking about air conditioning and cool running water and sun tea and sprinklers and breezy summer skirts and swimming pools and anything that helps, even a little bit, when the temperature reads 100 degrees. Thank the heavens, because I sure do love summer…but I don’t know what I’d do without […]

5 things I love (June)

Quinoa strawberry salad

1. My new stripy skirt A few months ago I decided I need more maxi skirts in my life. They are long and flowy and make me feel lovely, and who doesn’t like feeling lovely? I must confess, I do it as often as I can. So I found this sweet little number at Alternative […]

5 things I love (May)

1. Weeding the garden I’m not even kidding. I really like weeding at this phase of the gardening season. Last year I learned how to properly use a hoe, and weeds are under control. I enjoy going out for 10 or 15 minutes in the evening and plucking away the seedlings I didn’t plant so […]

5 things I love (February)


1. Not just a baby bump anymore! I’d like you to meet my beautiful new nephew Jameson! He was born healthy and perfect in every way, and my big sister completely rocked childbirth and is doing splendidly. Can’t wait to go see the newest member of my family next month! Until then, I’m making his […]

5 things I love (January)


1. The opposite of activity It feels like the dead of winter here in snowy Minnesota, and my body and mind have been behaving accordingly: complete and utter laziness, all day, every day. I get home from work, and all I want to do is sit. Or lay. Or soak in a hot bath with […]

5 things I love (December)


Looking at my five things, it’s so obvious I’m still in the holiday spirit this week. Long live Christmas! 1. Rich foods I’m doing my best to eat in moderation…but boy oh boy, have I been eating spectacularly delicious food this week. Homemade everything, from cheese cake to caramel corn to pie to cookies. On […]

5 things I love (October)

Autumn Leaves

1. Hedgehogs I love them, and particularly lately, so they are on the list. Don’t ask questions. But you may ponder their cuteness as much as you like. 2. Autumn leaves I got to see the fall colors peak twice this month, once at home, and once in Nashville last weekend. I feel like I’ve […]


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