Thanksgiving brunch menu

Pumpkin Pudding

Happy, happy Wednesday! Don’t you just love the abbreviated week followed by a looong weekend? Like many Americans, I’m thinking about food today. Jon and I are hosting my parents, brother and aunt for brunch tomorrow morning, then we’ll be headed to Jon’s dad’s house for a nice big dinner and football. (Can I get […]

Favorite recipes + tips for a fondue party

Fondue Party

Full disclosure: this blog post has an agenda. I want to return to a simpler time, when families and friends sat around the table, skewering morsels of food and dipping them in cheese. (Or chocolate. I’m not picky.) Let’s bring back fondue, shall we? On Friday, a wonderful woman named Ann purchased a vintage fondue pot […]

5 minute fix: Cleanse your life of holey socks

Elvis says.

I’m giving you a five minute assignment today. Go to your sock drawer, and chuck every single pair of socks that has a hole in it. This is a permission slip—nay, a demand to your better judgement—for all of the uber-thrifty folks out there. When we own something, we tend to keep going along with […]

5 easy ways to help guests feel more at home

Bathroom baskets

Hosting guests is one of my favorite things to do, and with the holidays around the corner (I’m sorry to break the news, but it’s TRUE!), it’s time to start planning ahead for making your casa into a welcoming, hospitable nest for your beloved visitors. Here are some of my favorite ways to help guests […]

The barometer you didn’t know you had

What is the condition of your home telling you?

PART ONE This post began as a note scrawled to myself on a post-it: time to cook is a barometer for how well I’m taking care of myself. It was a night when, for the first time in weeks, I found enough time to enjoy putting together a big pot of goat cheese pasta for […]

When you fall behind at home…what conclusion do you draw?

Do I deserve to be called an adult? Some days not.

You get home from work, exhausted and frazzled. Mismatched shoes greet you at the door, next to a toppling pile of library books to be returned, dishes piled up by the sink, and a block of now-spoiled cheese that someone forgot to put in the fridge. You know you should do some picking up while you […]

Unicorns + productivity

Always be a unicorn.

I don’t do this very often…in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever done it. But today’s blog post is, in essence, a love letter to someone else’s blog post. Because I’m pretty sure that me and this blog post were made for each other. It’s not a new post…but it’s still so incredibly relevant. It will […]


What's for dinner? If you don't know the answer, you might need this.