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Friday snapshot #6

Spring sun shower

This week, I took a walk outside wearing flip flops and a tank top. It was transcendant.  And then later in the week we had a sun shower. Oh, hello Spring. You feel gooooood. Peach cake. I started thinking about cake last night right before I went to bed. Then I remembered I had peaches in the freezer […]

Oops, I have too much…avocados

Recipes to use up extra avocados

Oops, I have too much is a blog series dedicated to the inevitable abundance of seasonal produce. Whether you grew it in your garden, got it in your CSA box or just couldn’t resist buying beautiful seasonal produce at the grocery store or farmer’s market, I’ll give you ideas for delicious ways to use your excess […]

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Friday snapshot #5

Chicken Marbella

Every week, it gets closer and closer to spring. The weeds in my lawn are starting to turn green (but the grass itself is still a few weeks out). There was a lovely oriole in our tree when I got home from work one day this week, and I also thought I saw another at […]

How (and why) to make omelets that look like tacos

taco omelette

For years, I have tried to make omelets the “correct way”, which is when the fillings are entirely enveloped by egg.  And for years, I have failed miserably. Cheese oozes out the sides, and the thing won’t close, and I’m sure I’d be kicked out of chef school for pulling something like that. So I have […]

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Friday snapshot #3

I'm such a sucker for my pets.

Here’s a funny thing. There is now a basket permanently located at the bottom of our stairs. It’s not for stuff in transit going up or down (though that would be smart). No, it’s for Charlie. He likes to sit in it. And scratch his paws on it, then jump out again. When he’s really […]

Friday snapshot #2

hi. i am in love with you. ok.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I happen to love Valentine’s Day, because it’s a great excuse for people to be extra nice to each other and give extra hugs and kisses and nice words. Ahhhh, love. I also hug my cats at every opportunity, even though they don’t get what’s going on. Heaven in a crock pot. I […]

Second chance to attend Learn to Cook Without Measuring!

Cook Without Measuring (take 2)

I’d love to say this is purely an encore performance, which would be partially true, because the first show went awesome. But if I’m being really honest. . . I FORGOT TO HIT THE RECORD BUTTON. And so: Because last night’s online workshop was such fun And I learned how to make the second webinar even better […]


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