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What’s for dinner, Aileen from Nourishing Happiness?

Blue Cheese Chicken Divine

This post is part of a series called What’s for Dinner?, in which I invite my favorite bloggers, business owners and online personalities to share with you their own go-to recipes, the favorite meals, snacks, drinks they make over and over again. You’ll get to meet some of my online friends, and we’ll all get some new […]

Friday snapshot #8


Happy Friday, lovelies! Quick reminder that TODAY is the last day to get the pre-order bonus of the new {ever-so-reasonable} Meal Planning Kit—a PDF download with links to all my own go-to recipes. That’s right, all the recipes I’ve tried and tested and determined to be so delicious I can’t help making them again—I’m sharing […]

Pre-order bonus for the {ever-so-reasonable} Meal Planning Kit


Rosy Blu’s Meal Planning Kit launches just one week from today! I was telling my mom so the other day, and she asked what makes my meal planner different than others. And I thought…if my own mother wants to know, then some of my dear readers must also share the same question. My answer, dear reader, is this: […]

Oops, I have too much…beets

Oops I have too much BEETS

Oops, I have too much is a blog series dedicated to the inevitable abundance of seasonal produce. Whether you grew it in your garden, got it in your CSA box or just couldn’t resist buying beautiful seasonal produce at the grocery store or farmer’s market, I’ll give you ideas for delicious ways to use your excess […]

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Meal plan stressing you out? Try this one tip.

Pretty picture, eh? This custom illustration is from my new Meal Planning Kit. Check it out right here!

As a person who loves to cook, and thoroughly enjoys making elaborate meals from scratch (while dirtying every dish and utensil in the kitchen in the process), I learned the hard way that cooking that way all the time is not sustainable. If you hold yourself to a standard of making gourmet, time-intensive meals every single […]

June snapshot


Hi! I missed you. This month has gotten away from me. Some great things happened, like family weddings and visitors and playing outside, that made time speed up and made me think, wait, where did June go? And some not-so-great things happened, that kind of stopped all my aspirations in their tracks and made me […]

3 ways to grow food in your kitchen


Ahhh, summer. The season of edibles, just growing right up out of the ground. The farmer’s market is convenient, yes, but you know what’s even more convenient? Food growing on your kitchen counter. (And I’m not talking about the potatoes that have been sitting so long they’ve started sprouting.) Today, I present to you: 3 […]


What's for dinner? If you don't know the answer, you might need this.