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Friday snapshot #8


Happy Friday, lovelies! Quick reminder that TODAY is the last day to get the pre-order bonus of the new {ever-so-reasonable} Meal Planning Kit—a PDF download with links to all my own go-to recipes. That’s right, all the recipes I’ve tried and tested and determined to be so delicious I can’t help making them again—I’m sharing […]

June snapshot


Hi! I missed you. This month has gotten away from me. Some great things happened, like family weddings and visitors and playing outside, that made time speed up and made me think, wait, where did June go? And some not-so-great things happened, that kind of stopped all my aspirations in their tracks and made me […]

Friday snapshot #6

Spring sun shower

This week, I took a walk outside wearing flip flops and a tank top. It was transcendant.  And then later in the week we had a sun shower. Oh, hello Spring. You feel gooooood. Peach cake. I started thinking about cake last night right before I went to bed. Then I remembered I had peaches in the freezer […]

What if you could get off the hedonistic treadmill?

You’ve heard of the hedonistic treadmill, no? It’s the idea that once you get something new, you feel a temporary rush—endorphins, happiness, satisfaction, pleasure, what have you—but then . . . it wears off. You return to the original level of happiness you had before the purchase. As you become accustomed to the new car, […]

Friday snapshot #5

Chicken Marbella

Every week, it gets closer and closer to spring. The weeds in my lawn are starting to turn green (but the grass itself is still a few weeks out). There was a lovely oriole in our tree when I got home from work one day this week, and I also thought I saw another at […]

Mini-makeover for the website

The Rosy Blu website got a much-needed mini-makeover over the weekend! The most notable change (and the thing I’m most excited about) is that I reorganized the categories and re-named them to be more accurate to the things I’m blogging about these days. Our old favorites, DIY and Food (which now includes gardening posts) are […]

Blogging is time traveling (and this is my time capsule letter)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who filled out the Rosy Blu survey last week. I read every single entry from start to finish and got tons of great insights I’ll be using to make Rosy Blu even more helpful from this point forward. THANK YOU for sharing your opinion with me. Whether […]


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