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Attention Winona: Local classes coming up!

Happy Thursday, darlings! This post is most especially for my readers in driving distance of Winona. To all my other darlings, tune back in tomorrow when I will share a snapshot of what I’ve been up to lately. (Sidenote, do you BELIEVE January is coming to a close? Mind blown. Also: I need to stop […]

DIY: Clearing a clogged drain the cheap, non-toxic, (mostly) non-disgusting way

DIY method for unclogging a drain without Drain-o (for the times when there's something worse than a cat stuck in there)

Last week I was faced with a completely clogged drain. It had been draining slowly for a month or so. I mostly avoided it, saving the problem for “later”. (It’s so convenient!) One day, I got inspired to try a DIY method from a book. This involved shaking a cup of washing soda into the drain, […]

Friday snapshot #6

Spring sun shower

This week, I took a walk outside wearing flip flops and a tank top. It was transcendant.  And then later in the week we had a sun shower. Oh, hello Spring. You feel gooooood. Peach cake. I started thinking about cake last night right before I went to bed. Then I remembered I had peaches in the freezer […]

Top ten posts of 2013

Hello, hello, did you miss me? I’ve been taking a little break for the holidays (it’s been divine! More about my break in my next post . . . ) but wanted to drop in to see you one more time before the year is officially over. On this, the last day of 2013, let’s […]

5 DIY gift ideas to make in bulk

DIY gift ideas

The stockings are hung by the chimney with care . . . now, what goes under the tree? When you have more time than money at Christmas time, or you’re just looking to infuse a little more personality than store-bought presents, DIY gifts are just the thing. So today, I present to you five different […]

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The Rosy Blu Guide to shipping fragile gifts

Wrap fragile items individually

10 tips to keep breakables safe during the holiday rush Last year was my first holiday season as a vintage seller. One awful day early in the season, I came home to a disfigured box marked RETURN TO SENDER that looked like it had been run over by a truck, followed promptly by not one, […]

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7 ways to use lavender sachets

Uses for lavender sachets

I’m so excited about the newest addition to my beautiful, loved and useful family of products in my shop! You’ve probably heard of scented sachets before, but might not know exactly why people use them. I must confess, I am positively addicted. We could have a very fun “I Spy” game in my home with these little […]


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