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Novice gardener. Loving wife. Thrift shopper. Lover of food, cheese in particular. Canning enthusiast. Maker of things, all kinds. Founder, Rosy Blu Handmade and Rosy Blu Vintage. Blogger. Etsy shop owner. Happy to meet you!

You can learn more about me here, or click on any of the "Let's be social" links located at the top of the left column. Thanks for visiting Rosy Blu! Or just read my blog posts below...turns out I think of a lot of stuff to write about.

16 ways to improve your habitat in 5 minutes or less

You want me to clean what now?

You ever have the feeling like you’re surrounded by so much chaos and disorder, that it’s overwhelming and you don’t know where to start? This list was inspired to eradicate that feeling. When I typically think of decluttering or organizing projects, they feel BIG and un-doable. So I broke down some common tasks into bite-sized chunks. […]

Friday snapshot #6

Spring sun shower

This week, I took a walk outside wearing flip flops and a tank top. It was transcendant.  And then later in the week we had a sun shower. Oh, hello Spring. You feel gooooood. Peach cake. I started thinking about cake last night right before I went to bed. Then I remembered I had peaches in the freezer […]

Here’s The Thing about asking for favors

If I had one wish, I think this might be it. (At least, for now.)

In today’s blog post, I make a bold thesis: Selfishness can be the same as selflessness.  I can feel your confusion: Michelle, you ask, are you taking us to la la land, where the unicorns play and opposites mean the same thing and ice cream is the healthiest thing you can eat for dinner? No, […]

Oops, I have too much…avocados

Recipes to use up extra avocados

Oops, I have too much is a blog series dedicated to the inevitable abundance of seasonal produce. Whether you grew it in your garden, got it in your CSA box or just couldn’t resist buying beautiful seasonal produce at the grocery store or farmer’s market, I’ll give you ideas for delicious ways to use your excess […]

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What if you could get off the hedonistic treadmill?

You’ve heard of the hedonistic treadmill, no? It’s the idea that once you get something new, you feel a temporary rush—endorphins, happiness, satisfaction, pleasure, what have you—but then . . . it wears off. You return to the original level of happiness you had before the purchase. As you become accustomed to the new car, […]

Friday snapshot #5

Chicken Marbella

Every week, it gets closer and closer to spring. The weeds in my lawn are starting to turn green (but the grass itself is still a few weeks out). There was a lovely oriole in our tree when I got home from work one day this week, and I also thought I saw another at […]

3 life lessons learned at Pioneer Camp

3 life lessons I learned at Pioneer Camp

When I was a little girl, I devoured the Little House on the Prairie books. I was a prairie girl for Halloween. I went to Pioneer Camp* (which rocked). I wanted to be just like Laura Ingalls, living off the land and running barefoot through the prairie in the sunshine with my bonnet hanging down […]

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