Walking in a winter wonderland

It snowed on Sunday for the very first time this winter. I had been getting a little worried that we wouldn’t have a white Christmas, which would be very strange for Minnesota.

There’s something about the first snow. Completely fresh and clean and beautiful. I celebrated the occasion by venturing out of the house to an estate sale…a treacherous journey out of town, up a hill and into the country a little. But totally worth it. (Except when I got stuck in the drive way at the house. That was rough. Got myself out though, so everybody wins.)

The sale consisted of a huge 8-bedroom house, a pole barn and a guest house. I found a few things, but the highlight of the trip was absolutely the view out there. Woods and shrubs and grasses all dusted with a thick coat of pure white.

First snowWinter wonderland


I wanted to break through the fence and make a snow angel.

This is the patio off the guest house. Let’s talk about how badly we want to have a party there in the spring. See the cafe lights? Those will be on for the party. I’m also seeing strawberry mojitos. But I digress.

I loved this so much.

Lonely road

The snow was heavy and it wasn’t windy, so all the trees are still trimmed in the gorgeous white just like when it first fell…I love that. Happy first snow to you, and happy Tuesday!

  • Lacquer_Linen

    Your pictures are so gorgeous Michelle! You make me want to move somewhere snowy! Happy Holidays!

    • rosyblu

      Thanks, Sarah! It’s positively dreamy outside these days. (Although, full disclosure, I might not sing the same tune in February ;o)

      And Happy Holidays to you, too!

  • Crystal Turpin

    These photos are beautiful and I agree with you on the first snow. So much fun to see it falling all over everything.


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