Antiquing on vacation: Hawlik’s Antique Emporium in Deadwood, South Dakota

One of the highlights of our vacation was the morning we spent in Deadwood. We stayed the weekend at a lodge in Lead, South Dakota, and on Saturday morning Jon and I got coffee, explored historic Deadwood and stopped at a few shops…my favorite kind. The ones full of old stuff.

My favorite was Hawlik’s Antique Emporium in Deadwood.

Hawlik's Antique Emporium in Deadwood, SD

It was full of a huge variety of antiques, of all kinds.

Deadwood Antique shop

I feel a pang of regret for not getting this little critter. But Jon has his heart set on finding a real stuffed Jackalope, so we kept looking.

Groundhog with antlers

This pin made me giggle.

Nixon pin

We totally had a set of these Magic Mitts when I was growing up. It was the only way I was ever good at catch, because the ball would velcro itself to the mitt before I had time to drop it.

We totally had this.

And this….this section was my very favorite. “The kitchen stuff.” Dishes, casseroles, jars, utensils, china, teacups…I could have spent all afternoon there.

My favorite section

And that’s where I found my prize.

Kitchen scale


Isn’t she beautiful? I love, love, love the minty green. The scale has a new home in our kitchen!

We stopped at one other antique shop on our way home where I picked up this adorable wooden Coca Cola crate, stamped Chattanooga 1965. It’s now for sale in my Etsy shop, Rosy Blu Vintage! Check it out here.

Vintage Coke crate for sale on Etsy

Have you ever been antiquing around Lead and Deadwood? Let me know if there’s any other shops I should go to the next time I go back! (Because we will be back. That was a dynamite weekend away!)

  • Shelly

    oh my goodness! I’m so sad the coca cola crate you found is already sold =( What an amazing find! I want a Dr.Pepper one or Pepsi like that.
    All those blue jars in your photo make me want to take a trip there just to buy those!

    • rosyblu

      I highly recommend it, the Antique Emporium was such a good stop! If you’re looking for blue mason jars, I’ll be adding a whole bunch to my vintage shop this weekend–I have quart jars and the bigger half gallon ones. Send me an email if you’re interested and I can send you some pics :o)


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