An adorable new resident in my kitchen

Tea Kettle

My delightful new tea kettle

Whose tea kettle is that?

Mine. Le Creuset Carribean Blue. It’s the tea kettle I’ve always wanted and now I have it. I rule!

If you can name the movie I’m attempting to quote and put it in the comments, I’ll give you ten points. If you think I’m funny, I’ll give you ten more.

I have already told you how I enjoy drinking tea. Until this weekend, I was heating up my tea water in a pot on the stove or microwaving it, which was functional but dull. Now, I have a cute tea kettle. I got it half off at the Bloomingdale’s store closing sale at the Mall of America. Score! It’s the exact one I’ve had pinned on Pinterest for over a year now. And it’s just like I dreamed. It whistles, which is my main criterion in a tea kettle. It whistles nicely, not loudly to make you cringe. And it’s beautiful ombre (the dark-to-light gradient which is apparently oh so trendy…I’d like to lie and say I saw that coming a year ago, but I didn’t. But look how cute!) It’s so pleasant and subtle.

And here it is in its new home, my stove:

Tea kettle on the stove

I needed to share this with the internet. Thank you for listening. I’m going to go make tea now.

  • Guest

    American Beauty.  And I think you’re funny!

    • rosyblu

      YESSSS! You get twenty points AND a gold star! 


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